Dennis and Kimberly’s Excellent and Epic European Adventure, Day 15

We’d spotted a laundromat just down the street from our digs, so we decide to do our laundry for the third time on this trip — if you count the time the nice hostess in Rome did it for us. Actually we decide to have ME go do the laundry, because by the time Kimberly has stripped off all the clothing she wants washed, she doesn’t quite look presentable in public. So I leave her alone half naked with a young Italian guy in the house, and head down the street.




It’s a quiet yet vibrant little street we’re on — more like an alley, with little vehicular traffic and a smattering of shops and other businesses. One of them is a hole-in-the-wall pizza joint that seems to be quite popular. It must be, because it draws a crowd even though it has no place to sit inside. People come and get their pizza and then eat it standing outside.




Our bedroom window overlooks a produce stand from which we can pick up a few things for dinner.




One of the items I’ve purchased is some marinated yellow beans called lupini. But I’m a little confused about how they should be used — they’re a bit crunchy, so should they be cooked? I ask Giulio and he gives me the tutorial. They can be eaten as is, but the recommended procedure is to remove the “eye” and then squeeze the bean until it pops out of the skin, and just eat the pulp. The skin, he says, is edible but most people don’t eat it. Lupini, I later learn, were considered altogether inedible for centuries because they were so incredibly bitter, but then someone figured out how to remove the bitterness.




With dinner over, we again hit the streets of Florence. We want to see by moonlight more or less the same sights we saw by daylight earlier. The wedding cake is now illuminated.










The bronze gates are sporting a new look.






The Ponte Vecchio can see its reflection better in the Arno River.




We also encounter artwork of a decidedly more contemporary bent.






After our divine gelato experience in Rome, we opt to try some gelato at a place here that we’ve heard recommended. The cost for two cones is 13 euros, compared to 5 in Rome — I think my gasp on hearing the price must have been audible. And it isn’t nearly as good as what we had in Rome. Kimberly is still working on hers when we go back to pay an evening visit to David.




And then, after a long busy day, we head back to the apartment and our warm comfy beds — a very welcome contrast to the past three nights.












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