Between Adventures: Cape Cod to Abington

What do the Act!vated Adventures adventurers do between adventures? We have many mini-adventures. Sometimes fun, sometimes annoying, always surprising. This is our first in a series of glimpses behind the scenes. This is a week in the life of RV travelers who have been on the road constantly for 27 years, which just might be … Continue reading Between Adventures: Cape Cod to Abington

Soaring and Surfing – New York, Rhode Island, New Hampshire – Episode 19

In Episode 19, although winter is fast approaching, we look back on some summer highlights from the Northeast that we haven't covered yet. And somehow, most of them involve being up in the air. First, the annual Spiedie Fest and Balloon Rally from Binghamton, NY. We don't care for the spiedie part, since that's a … Continue reading Soaring and Surfing – New York, Rhode Island, New Hampshire – Episode 19

Haunted Thriller – a Halloween Special – Episode 17

It's the spooktacular time of year again. We love Halloween, and this year we celebrated it in New England in two ways. For one thing, we dusted off our dancing shoes and re-learned a dance routine to Michael Jackson's “Thriller” presented by the RKO Army as a pre-show for a shadowcast of The Rocky Horror … Continue reading Haunted Thriller – a Halloween Special – Episode 17

Saugus Iron Works – Episode 16

This week we took a break from whale watching and jumping out of airplanes and dancing through the streets to pay a visit to Saugus Iron Works National Historic Site, just a few miles north of Boston. It was like stumbling upon an archaeological site, an ancient civilization suddenly abandoned. Well, it isn't exactly ancient, … Continue reading Saugus Iron Works – Episode 16

Kayaking Cape Cod – Episode 14 On a windy Monday we took a road tip back to Cape Cod to put in some kayaking time at Cape Cod Kayak. After an orientation by a congenial attendant who regaled us with accounts of his skydiving experiences, we got a brief lesson in efficient paddling by another attendant (something that not all … Continue reading Kayaking Cape Cod – Episode 14

Dance Mile Boston – Episode 13 Episode 13 - 9/15/2018 You can travel to Boston, by plane, train, automobile or surrey with a fringe on top; but our favorite way to get there is by boat, such as the Hingham Ferry. And there are many ways to explore the city once you get there: walking, driving, taking a taxi, taking … Continue reading Dance Mile Boston – Episode 13

Giddy Gozas Waving at Whales – Episode 7

Explore the tip of Cape Cod with us! Episode 7 - Aug 19, 2018 We camped at one of our favorite campgrounds, Nickerson State Park. We returned to perform at the library in Chatham, which always has a display in front of imaginative artwork sharks – that is, the artists are imaginative, we can't vouch … Continue reading Giddy Gozas Waving at Whales – Episode 7