The Day Before

Tonight we are having a sleepover at Zephyr ‘s. Train to South Carolina tomorrow morning. There’s no turning back now! We weren’t sure we were going to be able to fit our bags and the majority of the food we cleared out of our cupboards, fridge and freezer into his Volt but we had room to spare. Thanks to Zephyr and Koree for driving up to fetch us.

And our thanks to Jeanne McCarron, Kiaya and Zed Fable — our extended family — for helping us these past few days. We feel your love and support and are grateful. And a special trooper trophy to Kiaya for volunteering to dump the waste tanks on the RV for us after it turned out the dump station at the municipal waste treatment plant was closed today because it’s Veterans Day.

Well, we hope we’ve dotted every t and crossed every i, and didn’t overlook anything that we should have overseen instead. Last night was the last time we’ll be sleeping in our own bed for quite a while. And off we go.

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