Wild Horses and Talking Rocks

https://youtu.be/RDkiePf44LY A short video of our friendly "neigh"bors in Silver Springs, NV Do rocks talk? Yes, but the problem is nobody knows exactly what they're saying. Petroglyphs, left by Native Americans many centuries ago, are etchings on rock that seem to be conveying some kind of important message for future generations. Unfortunately, they forgot to … Continue reading Wild Horses and Talking Rocks

Howling with Endangered Red Wolves & Looking for Bears

Hey, how would like to go stalking wild bears? Or maybe even an alligator or a rare and endangered red wolf? You have a possibility of spotting any and all of the above in their own backyard at Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge in North Carolina. https://youtu.be/H5vhGqq6WT0 Click play to watch video. Subscribe on YouTube. … Continue reading Howling with Endangered Red Wolves & Looking for Bears

Wild Horses Dragged Us Away

Shackleford Banks is a tiny island just off the Outer Banks of North Carolina. There's really not much there except... well, horses. Yes, wild horses. Dozens of them, descended from beasts that either were abandoned by settlers or, according to legend, survived a Spanish shipwreck centuries ago. Either way, they're very intriguing and friendly animals … Continue reading Wild Horses Dragged Us Away