Dance Mile Boston – Episode 13 Episode 13 - 9/15/2018 You can travel to Boston, by plane, train, automobile or surrey with a fringe on top; but our favorite way to get there is by boat, such as the Hingham Ferry. And there are many ways to explore the city once you get there: walking, driving, taking a taxi, taking … Continue reading Dance Mile Boston – Episode 13

Giddy Gozas Waving at Whales – Episode 7

Explore the tip of Cape Cod with us! Episode 7 - Aug 19, 2018 We camped at one of our favorite campgrounds, Nickerson State Park. We returned to perform at the library in Chatham, which always has a display in front of imaginative artwork sharks – that is, the artists are imaginative, we can't vouch … Continue reading Giddy Gozas Waving at Whales – Episode 7