Meet the Gozas

Origin Story

We are Dennis and Kimberly. We met at an audition for a theatrical production in San Francisco in 1988. We both were cast, and the rest is hysterical. Later that year, we formed our own theatrical troupe Act!vated Story Theatre a non-profit 501(c)3, and in 1992 we got a call that set the wheels in motion. “Would we be interested in working fulltime as professional actors?” The answer was an emphatic yes! Five months later we put a show together, sold our possessions, bought a clunker of an RV, buckled in our 18 month old toddler and hit the road for uncharted territory. We didn’t realize this would become our lifestyle.

Back then there were no cell phones, no GPS, and the Internet was in its infancy. If you wanted to get somewhere you pulled out a paper map and asked for directions from at least three people, then crossed your fingers and hoped you got there.

Our son, Zephyr, grew up on wheels, and maybe someday we will too. But for now we’re having too much fun. Having toured all over the U.S. many times over, we’re always on the lookout for new discoveries, new challenges, new adventures. And new ways to inspire others to put more oomph into their lives.


  • plays a mean baritone ukulele
  • writer, poet, playwright, composer
  • loves to cook, never uses a recipe
  • practices tai chi and shaolin
  • loves history, linguistics and philosophy
  • always notices other people who are southpaws too


  • practices Ashtanga yoga
  • haunting enthusiast
  • eager to jump out of an airplane
  • can sleep in a hammock
  • photographer / videographer
  • plays Pokémon Go

Currently: Volunteering Around the World

The world changed in 2020 and so did we. As performing on stage for kids in intimate settings came to an abrupt end due to the COVID-19 pandemic we were forced to switch gears and lay low, curtailing our travels to extended stays and volunteering in exchange for a place to park our RV. Once a vaccine was developed and administered we decided to set out and do what we could with our theatrical background to spread joy around the world. In June of 2021, we began the process of downsizing even more, clearing out all of our sets, props, costumes and belongings out of our storage unit and trimmed down all of our overhead expenses, while awaiting a vaccine. Then in November of 2021 after getting our booster shots, we parked our RV and set off to teach our craft, while expanding our horizons. We created a profile on and are connecting with organizations all over the world who are in need of volunteers. We are thankful for programs like WorkAway as otherwise we wouldn’t have the means to explore the world and immerse ourselves in other cultures. We are also thankful to our patrons and supporters who are helping us realize this vision.

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