Sloss Vibes

You can still smell the scent of machinery and steel and oil. You can still see many of the tools and machines left in place, as if awaiting for the laborers to return from a long break. And you can almost feel the presence of the workers themselves, many of whom are long dead. You can almost feel the foreman breathing down your neck and smell the sweat of those trying to keep up the pace. But the heat of the furnaces is long gone, and a bit of a chill hangs in the air. And the deafening thunder of Sloss Furnaces has been replaced by an eerie silence broken only by the trickling of water.

For roughly a century, men roughly eked out a livelihood here, making Birmingham a steel-producing mecca and leaving behind many stories told and untold. Now the ruins gather dust and rust, and the curious wonderment of tourists who come here to view what remains of this former industrial complex. Walking through the furnaces gives you a feeling that’s hard to describe. But we do our best to show you in this week’s video.

The sights, sounds and vibes of Sloss Furnance National Historic Landmark. Is it haunted?

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