Dinosaurs in Alabama

Stonehenge and dinosaurs. Both are mysterious, gigantic, awe-inspiring relics of a distant past. And you can encounter both of them at Bamahenge, in rural Alabama. Dennis was in for quite a surprise as Kimberly drove to this remote location without explanation – he wasn’t blindfolded, but he might as well have been. Let’s face it, when you approach a clearing in the woods, the last thing you expect to encounter is a Stonehenge or a stegosaurus.

These realistically crafted fiberglass replicas were placed here by an artist at the behest of some local billionaire or other. The partial replica of Stonehenge is full scale, and like the original is aligned with the summer solstice. The stegosaurus, triceratops and tyrannosaurus rex are a little distance away. The tyrannosaurus is especially well placed in the woods, partially concealed by branches as if it’s about to jump out at you. (There was supposedly a fourth dinosaur, but it must have been hibernating, because we probed the woods thoroughly and never found hide nor scale.)

Beware if someone takes you on a drive in rural Alabama. You never know what might jump out at you.

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