Kissing Goats

The Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch has much more than ostriches. It also has donkeys and deer and goats and rabbits and chickens and ducks, oh my. Plus some exotic birds called lorikeets. Even stingrays. And you get to feed them all, with special food provided.

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It was a hilarious experience, handing these critters their vittles and feeling their tongues licking our hands and leaving their spit all over us. The stingrays felt especially comical. But nothing can rival the sensation of having a donkey remove the food from your mouth. (Especially for Dennis, who is a bit uncomfortable with animals.)

The ranch, by the way, takes its name from a forebear of the owners – the real Rooster Cogburn, whose name was apparently borrowed for the True Grit character. They’re a friendly bunch, and you’ll love getting acquainted with them and their amazing variety of critters.

Special thanks to Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch for providing the adventure.

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