LA Art Slide

Los Angeles is not a city that you can explore exhaustively by foot, but you can exhaust yourself trying to explore it. We spent the better part of a day hiking 12 miles across the heart of town to take in two attractions.

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First, there was the Marciano art gallery, a huge warehouse-like facility that exhibits some very intriguing modern art. The most interesting exhibit is an entire room in which the floors, walls, ceilings and sculptures are white with red polka dots.

We then walked all the way downtown to visit OUE Skyspace, which is at the top of a landmark skyscraper (the one the aliens land on in Independence Day). Not only does this place have an excellent vantage point for a view of L.A., and some exhibits about the city’s entertainment history, it also has the Skyslide: a 45-foot glass slide that takes you on the outside of the building . You can’t exactly do that everywhere!

Special thanks to OUE Skyspace and Marciano Art Foundation for providing the adventures.

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