Gallivanting Across the Golden Gate

In 1988, our long adventure began when the two of us met in San Francisco, where we lived until we hit the road in 1992. This week, we returned to our old stomping grounds to do something we’ve never done before: hike across the Golden Gate Bridge together. Dennis previously walked across it and biked across it by himself. Kimberly walked halfway across it on the occasion of its 50th anniversary in 1987. (She had to turn back because the crowd was so thick that people were cleared out – after their weight actually bent a section of the bridge!) We parked at the Presidio, which was the site of an army base from 1776 to 1994. It’s now part of a national park with some really cool sights and activities.

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The Golden Gate is only about a mile across. But we weren’t content to just hike across and back. We also went waaaaaay up into the hills in the Marin Headlands to get a postcard view of the bridge, the bay and the city.

We left the Presidio at night and capped off the experience by parking our RV for the night at the rest stop on the Marin side of the bridge so we could watch the sun rise over the bay the following morning. What a sight to wake up to!

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