Howling with Endangered Red Wolves & Looking for Bears

Hey, how would like to go stalking wild bears? Or maybe even an alligator or a rare and endangered red wolf? You have a possibility of spotting any and all of the above in their own backyard at Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge in North Carolina.

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After ditching our trailer in the parking lot, we take our RV s-l-o-w-l-y down the narrow country roads and keep an eye out. Kimberly spots two bears, but they flit away before we can capture them on camera. No alligators or wolves make themselves known.

Then we join an evening program at which a couple of guides talk about red wolves and give us some interesting facts about their history, and how they were once plentiful, but have now been hunted and slaughtered to near extinction. Then we all get into our vehicles and caravan to a remote spot in the refuge where a few red wolves are kept in captivity. We won’t be allowed to get close enough to see them, but one of the attendants will howl and the wolves will howl back, supposedly.

Today’s activities leave us, shall we say, a bit disappointed. But we intend to have another go at spotting bears tomorrow at dawn, when they are very active. So we leave you hanging on a cliff and say stay tuned for our next episode airing next Sunday.

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