Finally set foot in Vermont

After 27 years on the road, we finally made it to Vermont. Well actually, we’ve passed through Vermont before — we’ve been in every state except Alaska. But in the past we’ve only driven through Vermont; this time we let it touch the soles of our feet. 

On the way, we passed through the Berkshires in Massachusetts, where we stumbled upon what is surely the most unusual ATM in the world, in the town of Greenfield. It’s housed in a structure sculpted to look like an enormous tree trunk. We also spent a day and night in the colorful town of North Adams, where we dropped in at the Massachusetts Museum Of Contemporary Art. (We just might tell you more about it in the future.)

On the way to Vermont, we also hit a corner of New Hampshire, where we found a mini golf course that had left out some balls and clubs (accidentally?) for someone who might discover them to shoot a few holes with. Don’t tell anyone.

Finally, in Vermont, we hiked the unpronounceable gorge (Quechee Gorge) and then we headed out for several days that would include gorgeous scenery, hiking, a maple farm, a celebrated teddy bear factory, comic book history, a dinner train ride, a boat cruise, the Cabot cheese factory, and the headquarters of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Stay tuned. 

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