Getting Out in the Reno Area

We’ve been holed up in Nevada, mostly in the Reno area, waiting out the pandemic. And waiting, and waiting. But even while a lot of businesses are closed, including our own, we’ve avoided going stir crazy by getting out to do some social-distancing hiking and exploring in the great outdoors.

Two owls sitting in tree
Who Dat?

Right in Reno, there is Evans Canyon, which has hiking and biking trails where you might spot owls on occasion (We did!), and an impressive monument honoring Basque shepherds in the U.S. The sculpture, 22 feet tall, is rather abstract, but if you study it carefully you see that it depicts a shepherd carrying a sheep on his shoulder.

A few miles out of town, in the community of Verdi, there are some other scenic short trails, taking you right up to the colorful burbling Truckee River. Also of interest here are the ruins of a resort and a lumber mill, which were bustling a century or so ago. And here the critter to watch for is deer, which can get very friendly.

Even Bartley Ranch Regional Park in Reno is worth checking out. The old buildings here were originally part of a ranch south of town. About 30 years ago, Boomtown Casino (east of town) relocated them to its property as a tourist attraction. In 2004, after that attraction had closed, they were moved again to the present location. These out-buildings really get out a lot.

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