Go Ape Elsewhere in North Carolina – Episode 2

Activated Adventures in the Piedmont Triad, North Carolina

Episode 2: week of July 7-13

RV Life
Typically Kimberly does all of the driving but every now and then Dennis takes the wheel, which means she can use the inverter to power her sewing machine.

This week, we were in North Carolina, where we explored the historic buildings of Old Town Salem in Winston-Salem, as well as the historic Mickey Coffee Pot, fashioned in 1858 to stand outside a tinsmith shop.

High Point
Furniture Capitol of the world and home to the world’s largest chest of drawers. Everyone says “reach for the stars” we heard “reach for the socks.”

Mickey Coffee Pot
Mickey Coffee Pot

From there it was on to Greensboro, where Kimberly pursued Pokemon in The Bog, a city park featuring a water wheel that Dennis had to attack for one of his Fluky Musician videos. (Don Quixote has nothing on him.) In downtown Greensboro, we stopped in at Elsewhere, a thoroughly fascinating artists’ colony and museum that was once a surplus store, knick-knack shop, and pack-rat collection of odds and ends, and even odder odds. (And many of these items are still there after several decades.) A great place to play. It’s next door to the Cat Cafe (seriously, a cafe that also has cats available for adoption) and just down the street from the International Civil Rights Center and Museum, housed in the former Woolworth’s Department Store where several courageous African-Americans and some white supporters made history in 1960.

On to Raleigh, where we went ape. At Go Ape, a canopy tour that has 16 locations in 14 states. It’s a leisurely but sometimes challenging 3-hour course through the treetops on ropes, bridges, zip lines and most fun of all, the Tarzan swing. What better way to end the week than to go ape?

Special thanks to Go Ape Raleigh for providing the adventure.

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