Wishes at WaterFire – Episode 11

We were in Providence attending the wacky, weird, wistful, wishful, wonderful WaterFire, an event that occurs several weekends in the summer and early fall each year.

The brainchild of local artist Barnaby Evans, WaterFire (originally called First Fire) has been a tradition since 1994. We soaked up the tranquil, exhilarating community atmosphere (along with the smell of burning firewood on the river) as we listened to musical performances, watched a capoeira demonstration, looked at the living statues and the blue stars for wishing, and marveled at many other sights. We also caught up with our son Zephyr and his significant other, Harley. We even saw a bunny wearing glasses. But hey, the highlight has to be that little boy gazing up with wonder at the accordion player.

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