NYC destination High Line – Episode 12

What’s on your bucket list of top three things to do in New York City? What should we do next time? Please comment below.

In our 12th episode, we had about half a day to take a nibble of the Big Apple.

Parking our RV in Scarsdale, we walked about a mile to the train station, taking part of the route through Bronx River Parkway Reservation, a pleasant little park with some old bridges and waterfalls. We landed at Grand Central Station, and took a few hours to just stroll through the city. (We put in over 11 miles. Each.) It was not Wednesday, so we could not catch a theatre matinee, but we took in a lot of sights and sounds and smells and other sensory richness. Behind the New York City Library, we discovered a Bryant park where you can play just about every kind of board game anyone ever thought of, with boards and pieces provided.

Our main goal, in the amount of time we had available, was to walk the length of the High Line, a city park built open what was once the elevated track for a freight train line serving the Meat Packing District. It’s now a trove of botanical and artistic treasures to savor as you look down upon the streets, above all the hustle and bustle and hullabaloo. Not a bad thing to do if you only have a few hours in the Gotham.

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