Enlightened by Edison – Episode 21

Tesla and Edison finger puppets
Tesla and Edison duke it out

The rivalry between Edison and Tesla, real or exaggerated? Listen to recordings made by Edison played on gramophones invented by Edison.

Episode #21, recorded November 7th, 2018
One of the most fascinating and unusual among U.S. National parks is Thomas Edison National Park in West Orange, New Jersey. It’s an entire city block that housed the great inventor’s laboratories during the last years of his career.

The entrance to Edison National Park

But the word laboratories doesn’t do it justice. It was like a compact city where 10,000 people worked tirelessly at inventing, designing and manufacturing the future. Their projects ranged from movie making and musical recordings to developing appliances to trying to invent an economical substitute for rubber made from the goldenrod plant.

Bottles from Edison's Science Lab
Jars and bottles from Edison’s Science Lab

Today, the research and development complex is almost as he left it, with most of the tools, equipment, supplies and furnishings still in place. It’s like a time capsule and a wizard’s workshop all in one.

Special thanks to the volunteers and staff of Edison National Park for the educational adventure.

Be sure to check out Dennis’ Fluky Musician YouTube Channel for more impromptu music on random objects.

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