Hovering over Newport – Episode 20

Newport is a beautiful city at street level, but it’s perhaps even more beautiful from hundreds of feet in the air. And we were able to see it from that angle in a helicopter flown by a congenial pilot from Helicopter Tours of Newport, which took us from the airport on a 12-minute tour (it seemed much longer) focusing on aerial views of the mansions of Newport. Many of these stunning homes were used by the wealthy and famous as summer residences. In fact, we flew over one such mansion that recently was purchased by Jay Leno.

We also got a good view of the beaches and harbors, the foliage and other features. This is the third time we’ve seen Newport from the air – the previous times being by skydiving (for Kimberly) and parasailing (for both of us). And some people settle for Google satellite images! Even Dennis, who is normally quite jittery about being more than a few feet above the ground, felt quite at ease. Mission accomplished: phobia conquered.

Flying high over Newport in a helicopter
Wearing headsets makes you look more adventurous.

Helicopter rides are smooth, comfortable and stunning. Next time maybe we’ll take a longer one.

Special thanks to Newport Helicopter Tours for providing the adventure.

 Dennis and Kimberly Goza in front of red helicopter
Back on the ground again, after a fabulous ride.

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