Dance Mile Boston – Episode 13

Episode 13 – 9/15/2018

You can travel to Boston, by plane, train, automobile or surrey with a fringe on top; but our favorite way to get there is by boat, such as the Hingham Ferry. And there are many ways to explore the city once you get there: walking, driving, taking a taxi, taking a tour bus, or being carried piggyback, for example. But our favorite way is by dancing. And so we participated in this year’s Dance Mile, an event in which people of all ages, shapes, sizes and levels of terpsichorean skill gather and dance through the streets of this historic city.

After that, we were in the mood for some lunch, so we began scouting out options, at first with considerable difficulty, as many places were closed on Saturday. But as we were en route to somewhere else, we made the serendipitous discovery of a place called Dig Inn, which offers bowls of food containing the customer’s choice of ingredients. It was quite yummy.

Then we headed to Chinatown, where we danced in front of the gateway – and were joined by a group of eager kids with mean dance skills of their own. We scouted out a couple of Chinese herb shops before Dennis found some ginseng extract, which he’d been seeking for several days.

And we concluded our tour of Beantown with a stroll on the Greenway, a linear park that features exhibits of unusual artwork.

QUESTION: What is your favorite Boston attraction? The more obscure the better! Comment below and we’ll try to get there.

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