Kayaking Cape Cod – Episode 14

On a windy Monday we took a road tip back to Cape Cod to put in some kayaking time at Cape Cod Kayak. After an orientation by a congenial attendant who regaled us with accounts of his skydiving experiences, we got a brief lesson in efficient paddling by another attendant (something that not all kayak rental facilities provide), and then we headed out on the Bass River in our tandem kayak.

Bass River connects with the ocean just a short distance away, and if we’d continued in the direction we were going, we would have landed on Martha’s Vineyard. It might have taken us a day or two, but still. Being so close to the ocean and being in a location subject to winds can provide a variety of challenges on a kayak excursion here, depending on which direction you go and which time of day. Our challenge level was not the highest in history today, but it was enough for our inexperienced muscles. And it was enough to whet our appetite for more.

Wait for us, Martha, we’ll make it there eventually.

Special thanks to http://www.capecodkayaking.com/ for providing the kayaking experience.

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