Falling from the Sky – Episode 8

Episode 8 – August 24, 2018
Last week, we left you hanging in mid-air. Because that’s what Kimberly was doing, at Skydive Danielson in Danielson, CT. She was taken up in a plane to a height of 1200 feet and then dropped off – with a strapping guide strapped on her back. Dennis sat out this time.

Would you jump out of an airplane? Tell us in the comments below!

With all four of our feet back on the ground, we decided to take them out to sea for a bit, with a Sunday morning cruise on the Agia, an old-time schooner out of Mystic, CT. – the last such schooner that still makes excursions there. Cruising out into Block Island Sound (which prompted us to sing the Billy Joel song “Downeaster Alexa”), we passed some notable lighthouses, including one where the daughter of a keeper once sang, her voice serving as signal to sailors in the fog. And we saw an island owned by Dean Kamen, the inventor of the Segway (among other things) who once declared the island to be his own kingdom, as a protest against unfair taxation.

Back on land again, we went to pay tribute to the first inhabitants of the land, at the Wigwam Festival in Uncasville, CT. With many tribes participating, there was a dance competition for both men and women with many types of dancing represented, included war dancing, fancy dancing, smoke dancing, and grass dancing. The regalia (don’t call it costumes) they wore were colorful and painstakingly detailed.

After a quick visit to Franklin Sculpture Park and 3 shows at libraries in Massachusetts; it was on to our first real visit to Maine (we’d passed through there just briefly several years ago), and our first stop was one of those classic postcard lighthouses. And while we may be new to the state, we certainly got our feet wet.

More Maine to come in next week’s episode of Gozas on the Go; Activated Adventures. Be sure to subscribe and click the bell for notifications.

Photos of our show taken by Clinton Alvord.
Skydive and Sailboat ride adventures provided courtesy of:
Skydive Danielson
Sailaway Argia

More info on other attractions in this video
Indian Leap
Wigwam Festival
Mohegan Sun Casino
Franklin Sculpture Park
Belfry in Lexington
Nubble Lighthouse

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