Giddy Gozas Waving at Whales – Episode 7

Explore the tip of Cape Cod with us!
Episode 7 – Aug 19, 2018

We camped at one of our favorite campgrounds, Nickerson State Park. We returned to perform at the library in Chatham, which always has a display in front of imaginative artwork sharks – that is, the artists are imaginative, we can’t vouch for the sharks. A few blocks away, we tilted at and imitated a windmill built in 1797.

On to the very tip of the Cape, to Provincetown, the real site of the Pilgrims’ first landing – eat your heart out, Plymouth; Provincetown has a tower to prove it, which is much more impressive than a rock. After strolling through this very colorful and vibrant arts community, we had our lunch on the beach, and spotted a seal popping up to investigate all the tourists on the pier.

Then it was a tour of the local dunes with Art’s Dune Tours, which has been a family business for 70 years. There are several shacks out on the dunes, where for many generations artists of various kinds have come to get away from it all. They have included playwright Eugene O’Neill; and perhaps this harsh wind-swept terrain inspired his harsh wind-swept realism. Our tour guide was a young man named Luca, whose grandparents were among the artists who pioneered the establishment of Provincetown as an arts haven.

Then it was back in to Hyannis, where we took another tour. This time on a boat with Hyannis Whale Watcher Cruises. And a great tour it was: we spotted 13 whales, each of which surfaced several times. (We know how many there were because the biologists aboard not only have seen them before, but have given them names.) They surfaced to breathe and to feed, and to wave flippers at us gawking tourists.

We want to know more about whales. Please share what you know in the comments below. We love learning new things!

Finally we headed west to Danielson, CT, where the tiny airport offers skydiving for those so inclined. And we hate to leave you hanging in mid-air, but…

Dune Tour and Whale Watching Tour adventures provided courtesy of:

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Chatham Windmill
Sharks in the Park
Beech Forest Trail & Cape Cod National Seashore
Pilgrim Monument

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