Glowing Gozas – Episode 6

Episode 6 – August 11, 2018

Episode 6 found us going and glowing in Massachusetts. After doing a show at a summer camp in Bedford, we headed to Abington to help our friends at Barrett’s Haunted Mansion put together some scenery for the upcoming haunt season. Then we made ourselves pretty spooky one night in Brockton by doing a 5k run covered in glowing foam. It’s every bit as bizarre as it sounds.

Speaking of yoga, and who wasn’t, we dropped in at an acroyoga class in New Bedford to learn some new stunts, and we found some interesting new places to do yoga and other exercises outdoors.

And we also found some odd places to do our Dance Across the Nation steps, like an old train bridge on which the track goes up and down like an elevator.

Heading out to the Cape, we drove through the scenic seaside town of Woods Hole, home of a picturesque lighthouse and a beach that we couldn’t park anywhere near. We stopped in Hyannis, which the Kennedy family long called home, and visited the JFK museum, filled with rare photos and film clips of the 35th president. We strolled on the Kennedy Heritage Trail down by the harbor, stopping along the way to indulge in a vicious competition of bean bag toss.

Then we rounded out the week with a tour of a cranberry bog, given especially for us by the cranberry farmer himself, who was incredibly knowledgeable about those sour red berries, that turned out to be much more interesting than we ever expected. We love it when that happens.

Have you participated in a 5k fun run? Share in the comments below.

Special thanks to JFK Museum in Hyannis; Cranberry Bog Tour on Cape Cod; and Carabiners in New Bedford

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