August 15-21, 2019

We began this week in Massachusetts, on the dividing line between the towns of Hudson and Berlin. Kimberly sewed a new bag to hold a yoga mat, so we could carry the mats easily into Boston to do yoga on the lawn at the Wanderlust event.

While we were in Boston, we visited the very old King’s Chapel, and took the Bones and Bells tour, which involved going down in the basement to see the crypts where people were buried 200 years ago (and many are still there) and then up the rickety old steps to the bell tower to see, and even touch, the church’s bell, the last bell cast by Paul Revere. Yes, THE Paul Revere.

Bell cast by Paul Revere and Sons at Kings Chapel

Making a trip to Best Buy, we purchased a new camera on Massachusetts Tax Free Day, so now we can better solve some of the problems we’ve been encountering.

We bought propane at Attleboro Ice and Oil, which has been around since 1884, and one of the workers there showed us some of the photos and tools from the old days when ice was fetched from a river rather than a machine.

We had performances in Acton and Franklin, MA. At the latter, we took a stroll through the fascinating sculpture park. During the performance, one of the poi balls Kimberly uses during our Hawaiian story flew up and landed on top of an old light suspended from the ceiling, and it took a great deal of finagling to liberate it.

And how was your week?