RV Life on a Tree Lot

You’ve probably bought a Christmas tree a time or two in the past, but have you ever wondered what goes into getting those trees ready for for the public to take home? In episode 25, we take you behind the scenes at a tree lot in South Carolina, where we spend the holiday season as tree elves.

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We start with a bare tree lot and an empty tent; then as trees are brought in from the North Carolina mountains on a truck, we set them up on the lot and welcome the people who come to give them a new home. Along the way, we even have to deal with an unusually heavy snowstorm for this part of the country.

Hauling trees to fill the lot
“If our trees were any fresher, you’d slap them.”

It’s a chance for perennial RVers like us to take a break from the constant travel, put down roots for a short time, do something a little different from our usual activities, catch up on RV maintenance, meet a lot of people, and even make some pocket change in the process.

Wrapping trees with a little extra fun

Special thanks to Granddaddy’s Trees for the adventure.

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