Journey to Jamestown

Episode 24 finds us landing in Jamestown Settlement, near where Captain John Smith and the others landed in 1607, encountering Pocahontas and the other local inhabitants.

The actual site has been taken over by archaeologists, but this tribute to it is within musket firing distance. It consists of 4 segments, all very thoroughly detailed. There is an indoor museum, with exhibits and actual artifacts representing the 3 cultures involved: Native American, European and African. (One of the more interesting sections is about an influential African queen.)

The Mary Constant, Navigator and Godspeed

Continuing outside, you come to the living history portion of the exhibits, all with appropriately costumed interpreters providing demonstrations of period crafts and chores. First is the Native American village, then the English fort, then the 3 ships on which the English came. Once you’ve toured these sites, you may be amazed that anyone survived to establish what we now know as America.

Special thanks to Jamestown Settlement for providing the adventure.

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