Trainer Tips Nick

This is going to seem odd at first but today’s choice for Featured Traveler is Trainer Tips Nick. His extremely popular YouTube channel primarily features tips and tricks and all the latest news on Pokemon Go. But it is also great to binge watch for the exciting travel destinations. Chasing Pikachu, MewTew and Kyogre has taken Nick Oyzon all over the globe. His travels include Japan, Philippines, Hawaii, Chicago, Morroco and Amsterdam. The destinations and photography are top notch. And somehow watching Nick play Pokemon is surprisingly engaging.

Pokemon Go is a great way to discover hidden gems in your travel destinations or just learn more about the community around you. The game encourages you to get outside and play. Many a time we would have passed by an interesting landmark had it not been labeled a PokeStop in the game. Every month there is a community day which one of us looks forward to.

Photo collage screen grab from Nick's Instagram
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