On a Replica of the Confederate Submarine H.L. Hunley at the Charleston Museum

The Hunley was an early SUBmarine,
the most SUBstantial anyone had seen.
In fact (to be SUBjective), for the time
she was an achievement most SUBlime.
A craft both SUBtle and SUBtile, she was fit
to SUBside Yankee vessels, or make them SUBmit
through SUBterfuge. Craftily she’d creep
upon them SUBmerged several fathoms deep.
And her SUBversive gray-clad crew
did SUBdue one enemy ship, it’s true;
but SUBsequently took a fateful dive
and were SUBtracted from those left alive —
SUBsumed in their tomb’s metal proxy when
they found no SUBstitute for oxygen.

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