Doing the Charleston (Museum)

Now performing at The Charleston Museum "Act!vated Story Theatre" January 11th at 2:00

Today we were back in Charleston, SC to perform at the Charleston Museum, another repeat client. It was a great show with a fun audience. The Charleston Museum is the oldest museum in the nation — indeed, it is even three years older than the nation.

A replica of the Hundley Submarine
H L Hundley Replica

Out front is a replica of the H L Hundley, a submarine operated by Confederate forces during the Civil War. It sank a Union vessel one night in 1864, then vanished with a crew of 8 aboard. The location where it sank was unknown until about a century later, when it was discovered on the bottom of the ocean and raised. Its crumbling remains are now displayed in a tank of preservative fluid right here in Charleston. Yep, we’ve seen it.

After the show, we had a little time to stroll around this picturesque southern city before we hit the road to Atlanta.

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