Batty Butterflies

Things that flutter, by day and by night. That’s the focus of this week’s Act!vated Adventure. We were in Gainesville at the University Of Florida. In the daytime, we took a tour of the Florida Museum Of Natural History, which has an amazing collection of fossils from mastodons, mammoths, and other extinct critters, some older than the dinosaurs. But the highlight for us was the Butterfly Rainforest, which had hundreds of friendly butterflies representing many different tribes from all over the world. They swarmed all around us, lighted on us and nearly sang to us.

In the evening, we went to the bat houses. Three of them (well, technically one bat house and two bat barns) also maintained by the Museum. They feature the largest gathering of bats at any house in the world. And every evening right after sunset, they start zooming out like Count Dracula in search of evening feasting and merriment. But these were much friendlier and tamer. We viewed them at close range (maybe closer than we should have), having them swoop right over our heads, and in a couple of instances, right in front of our faces.

In daylight and in darkness, it was a day that really had wings.

Special thanks to the Florida Museum for providing the adventure.
Contact the Gozas if you would like them to explore your attraction and share it with the world.

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