This week, we put ourselves through the rigors of what we called “circus camp” – an intensive week-long series of classes in a variety of physical disciplines. Being in Reno for our annual month (more or less) of putting a new production together, we couldn’t resist taking advantage of the introductory special of a week of unlimited classes at an amazing new facility called Acro Enso. We figured maybe we could pick up some new tricks to incorporate into our shows.

A sampler of all of the classes we tried out. Push play or watch on YouTube

So for a week, we honed our dancing, yoga, handstands, juggling and tumbling among other things. We even got an introduction to the Cyr wheel, which is like a hula hoop on steroids. We didn’t have time to work our way up to any fancy stunts, but we made a start at it.

A big thank you to Cyrus and Keisha and all the other wonderful teachers at Acro Enso. We look forward to returning for more the next time we’re in town.