Tuscon: Cacti, Aunts, Acrobats and Haunts

It was quite an eventful two days in the Tuscon area, beginning yesterday with a 3-hour hike through Saguaro National Park (East). Saguaro, of course, is a type of cactus, the iconic cowboy-and-cartoon cactus that sometimes looks as if it’s holding up its arms during a holdup and sometimes looks as if it’s conducting desert traffic, but is always intriguing. We saw a variety of desert vegetation, and Kimberly took advantage of the open spaces to get in some practice with her poi balls. We were even there for a postcard desert sunset.

Then today we caught up with a couple of Kimberly’s (newly discovered) aunts, one of whom lives in Tuscon along with her husband, and one of whom is just visiting.

After that we attended a class of circus-related exercises at a circus arts center. This is the fourth such circus arts center we’ve taken classes at in the past year: we began with Acro Enso in Reno, which got us hooked, then we attended Boulder Circus Center in Colorado and Arkansas Circus Arts in North Little Rock.

After the class, we were joined by Kate Sousa, who was a fellow haunting enthusiast at Barrett’s Haunted Mansion in Massachusetts, where we indulge in the Halloween fun every October. She’s now living in Tuscon, and it was a delight to meet up with her.

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