Highway 80 Nevada

396 mile drive across NV in 3 minutes. Click to watch and be sure to subscribe.

It’s time for our annual drive east across the continent. But this time we’re taking more time and maybe a few more detours along the way. We left from Reno, NV., and this week we made our way across the state. We stopped for a night at Rye Patch State Park, where we got in some bird watching by the river.

In Winnemucca we caught up the world’s largest piece of driftwood, which washed up somewhere after the 1964 tsunami in Crescent City, CA (a long way from here).

And we couldn’t resist a loop through Battle Mountain. It’s been called the Armpit Of America, so we had to make a pit stop there.

Finally we came to the waving neon cowboy welcoming us to the gambling mini-mecca of Wendover (actually West Wendover) on the Utah border. Time to change the clocks.

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