Salt Flats and Hot Springs

Continuing on our journey across the country, we stopped in Utah to cavort on the famous Bonneville Salt Flats, and then on to Salt Lake City, where we met up with some old friends from the RV-ing community. We also took the time to cool our heels in hot water at the Saratoga Hot Springs. No, not the one in New York. Or the one in Wyoming. There are hot springs near Salt Lake as well. A little-known little spa near a lake in the town of Saratoga, just outside Salt Lake City. And it’s free to all, so we took advantage of it.

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After Utah came Wyoming, where we actually encountered some snow flurries – in May! Not to mention very chilly weather. We holed up for a couple of days in historic Laramie, where we were able to attend a yoga class and have coffee and tea with another old RV-ing friend. But this was our first time to meet her in person, even though we’ve known her online for years. And the cold weather didn’t prevent us from meeting her and her family again at a distinguished local ice cream parlor.

Next stop: Colorado!

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