Mushrooms Expedition

If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, does it still make a sound? In this video we philosophize on this burning question as we hike Snake Mountain scouting for mushrooms.

The 5th episode of Act!vated Between Adventures begins in Rutland, VT. Rutland is a scenic little old-fashioned city in Vermont that is home to the Vermont State Fair. It’s also home to a celebrated Halloween parade that was used as the backdrop of the first ever crossover comic book story, a joint project of Marvel and DC Comics back in 1973. But neither Spiderman nor Batman was anywhere to be seen as of yet.

Leaving Rutland, we drove through the gorgeous Vermont countryside with a pit stop at the Vermont Maple Syrup Museum in Pittsford, featuring what is surely the world’s largest maple syrup jug.

Finally, we arrived at Snake Mountain near the town of Addison, VT. But we don’t stay in town. We stayed in a field, thanks to a friend whose family owns the property. The remote location is great for stargazing, as well as luminous poi ball twirling. And deer watching.

The next morning, we begin hiking up nearby Snake Mountain. The hiking trail to the summit was once a stagecoach road up to a hotel that was built in 1870. We hiked up to the top and got a great view of the countryside, as well as some falcons (we think). We also spotted and photographed many, many varieties of mushroom. Didn’t see any snakes on Snake Mountain, though. Maybe the mosquitoes chased them all away.

Special thanks to the Rembert family for allowing us to boondock on their property.

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