Eight Days to Pre-Launch

In just a little over a week we will park our house on wheels and leave behind the world as we know it. No more coming home to a familiar bed, plopping down on our couch, or cooking in our kitchen – at least not for the next 10 months if all goes according to plan.


The pre-launch phase, for us will be the 12th through the 23rd of November. And is so dubbed because although our travels will still be on US soil, we will not have the luxury of going home every night. This will give us the opportunity to try out all of our gear and make adjustments before we head off to the great unknown.

Here’s an overview of our upcoming itinerary for the “Pre-Launch” phase of the trip: 4 more days of working as haunt actors in Massachusetts, 4 days of moving out of the RV and getting it ready for winter in New Hampshire, hitching a ride from our son Zephyr to Rhode Island where we will spend the night and then hop on a southbound train first thing in the morning on November 12th.

Are you ready for a wild ride? Follow along as we will be documenting the escapades on this website.

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