Counting down to Pre-Launch in 5 days – Shout out to Patreons

Today we are taking a moment to express our gratitude to our Patreons and Donors and welcome our newest Awesome Act!vator Lynda Walters.

Last night we got a chance to play together in the clown mirror maze at our Haunt Home. We rarely work the same scene at the haunt so we are all smiles and toothy grins from ear to ear. Tonight is our final night of jump scares for the season. Tomorrow we leave haunt life behind and make the final preparations for our new adventure.

We’ll be heading to some extremely impoverished locations with limited resources. We are donating our time and skills in exchange for a roof over our head and place to sleep. However, some of the locations we are heading to are already pushed to the limits. For example in Guatemala, where we’ll be staying for a month in order to work with two groups of students, one of our hosts is asking for $20 each per week to cover our food expenses. At the other location, we’ll be covering the cost of food and lodging for a week. The costs are minimal compared to US standards, but they add up with all the locations where we’ll be offering our services. Patrons and Donors help fill the gap and make this undertaking possible.

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