Hark, ye gentles – there be much merriment afoot, forsooth. ‘Tis the annual King Richard’s Faire in Carver, Massachusetts, which we were fortunate to attend on its very last day of the season.

Aired November 5, 2018 (filmed 10/21/2108)

We were anachronistically attired as time travelers from the impossibly remote Twenty-First Century, but many other lads and lasses came decked out in suits of clothing more suited to the times. We joined them in partaking of much entertainment, including a knight’s tournament and, most delightfully of all, a faire paire of Faire ladyes calling themselves Washing Well Wenches. A good tyme was hadde by alle, and we hope once again to hop back to the past in the future.

Have you ever been to a Renaissance Faire? Did you dress up for your journey to the past?

Special thanks to King Richard’s Faire for providing the adventure.